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Occupational Medicine / Industrial Medicine
Skin Protection
Traffic Medicine
Environmental Medicine
Work Safety
Fire Protection

Occupational Medicine / Industrial Medicine

  • Occupational Medical care according to Occupational Safety Laws (provided by company physicians and qualified personnel for work safety)
  • Occupational Medical under the principles of professional associations
    (BGV A4)
    - Regulation of x-rays and radiation
    - Regulation of biochemical materials
    - Regulation of hazardous materials
    - Regulation of genetic engineering
    - Young Persons Employment Act
  • Medical checkups before hire, health certificates
  • Medical checkups of aptitude
  • Expertise in Occupational Medicine for questions of capability
  • Organization of First Aid in the company
  • Expertise in Occupational Medicine and Ergonomics for working places and working processes
  • Organization of round table discussions on health
  • Complete health management in companies with emphasis on medical prevention for: anti-stress programs, prevention of harassment in the workplace, relaxation programs, nutritional advice, medical therapy programs, conferences and seminars on addiction prevention
  • Conferences and seminars dealing with the topics of medical prevention and Occupational Medicine
  • Development of Human Resources

Traffic Medicine

  • Physical exams according to the driving license regulation, including psychological tests regarding passenger transportation (driving license for taxis and buses)
  • Consultation in travel medicine, immunization prevention

Environmental Medicine

  • Consultation and expertise in Environmental Medicine
  • Inspections and measurements on site
  • Conferences and seminars ex: First Aid measures in response to chemical accidents, realization of round table discussions on health with emphasis on company psychology

Work Safety

  • Consideration of safety in the work place according to the work protection and work safety laws
  • Realization of the assessment on the dangers and documentation according to the law of protection at work
  • Consultation concerning safety during conception and planning of machines, installations and places of work and initiation of new work processes
  • Realization of laws for hazardous materials in companies
  • Education and training on safety at work
  • Consultations concerning fire protection, development of action plans for the fire department, escape and rescue plans
  • Installation and apparatus tests (in accordance with BGV A2)
  • Measurement and assessment of the environmental influences of working places

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